An extension of your home into the open-air spaces of your property is what we like to call, OUTDOOR HOMING.  While the trend towards outdoor living is nothing new, the process and consideration for the outdoor space is now more distinctive.  Formerly an afterthought, the outdoor home is now very considered with the benefit of expanding our homes into the furthest reaches of our yards.  In essence, Outdoor homing is the concept of creating personal, practical, and stylish living spaces outdoors, that we can enjoy all year round.

Keeping the design process focussed is key, starting with the functionality aspect and growing your ideas from there.  What is it you are trying to create? A space for entertaining alfresco, a poolscape or a vegetable patch?

Who are you creating it for? Is it primarily for adults or the kids? Do you need special access requirements for disabled or elderly relatives, or do you have pets?

What activities do you want to facilitate? Maybe you are into yoga or boating or you would like your own putting green.  Utilising your outdoor space is only limited by your imagination and budget.

Once you have established these basics you are ready to look at materials and aesthetics.  This is where the Outdoor Homing Group (OHG) can help.

After years in the building industry OHG identified the need for shared knowledge and access to quality materials to create your own unique outdoor homing spaces.  We have put together a range of quality materials and services from established, reputable manufacturers such as Lysaght, Bluescope Steel & National Masonry.  OHG can assist with every step of the process from design, supply and install or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY guru, OHG can simply source and supply.

Small parcels of land no longer mean limited and unusable yard spaces with basic gardens, so whether your outdoor space is big or small, outdoor homing allows you to take full advantage of your property.